Defensive Much?! How Do You Handle Criticism?

Brian Whitney

Your partner asked you to help clean a little more around the house, what do you think?

What do you think when you get negative feedback?

What do you think if your partner doesn't want to go to the same movie as you?

You just submitted an idea to your boss, and they said it was boring, how do you feel?

Someone in your art class just told you that they liked something you painted, but that you could improve your technique, what do you think?

Your partner just said you were cute, how does that make you feel?

How often are you really to blame for your failures?

If you wind up being defensive on this quiz, what will you think?

You scored 30 points but your team lost, what do you tell the reporters afterward?

Your doctor just said you needed to lose a little weight, how do you feel?

You just got cut from the team, why?

You just got a 95 on your English paper, but your friend got a 97. How come?

If someone messes with you, do you go right back at them?

Do you ever lose an argument?

Do people ever call you a hypocrite?

How easy is it for you to admit you are wrong?

When do you say you are sorry?

Do you feel that if you don't defend yourself, you will get taken advantage of?

The light just turned green and someone behind you honked at you to go, how do you react?

If people accuse you of being defensive, do you sometimes then accuse them of being defensive?

Do people say you are a black and white thinker?

Your partner stayed out late and when they came home you yelled at them. How come?

Are other people responsible for how you feel?

You and your friend disagree on who would make the best president and had a discussion about it, how did it make you feel?

You and your team just messed up an assignment at work, how come?

Your partner just sat you down and said your bad moods have been hard to deal with lately. How does that make you feel?

Your boss just asked you to do something at work differently, even though the way you have been doing is working fine. How do you react?

Someone stole something at work but no one knows who; how does that make you feel?

Your partner was gone for the day and just asked you what you did, how do you respond?

You are walking your dog down the street and see some dog poop on your neighbors lawn, how do you react?

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About This Quiz

Getting criticism from our partners, bosses, and family is a part of life, but all of us handle it differently. How defensive are you really? Let's find out!

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