Quiz: Dental Tools at Home Quiz
Dental Tools at Home Quiz
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About This Quiz

There's a range of tools needed to maintain a healthy smile. Although you may associate the shiny metal tools with the dentist's office, some are deemed suitable for home use. How well do you know the dental tools that grace your countertops and cabinets? Take the quiz to find out!

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Name the tool NOT typically used on a person's teeth.
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Which of the following contains small amounts of fluoride that help keep people's tooth enamel strong?
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What animal's spiky hairs served as bristles for an early form of the toothbrush?
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For those wanting a brighter smile, which dental procedure usually involves strips, trays, gels or even special toothpaste?
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Which of the following should limit a person from whitening his or her teeth?
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Which organization maintains a seal program for identifying recommended dental products?
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Combined with water, this tool removes matter caught between the surfaces of your teeth. Which of the following fits this description?
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Which tool does NOT help a person spot plaque on his teeth?
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Plaque-staining dyes are tools to help spot places people may have missed while brushing or flossing. Which color dye is commonly used?
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Flossing isn't helping you rid yourself of an annoying popcorn kernel wedged between your teeth. Which other type of tool could help you out?
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How should you clean dental tools at home?
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Which home dental tool can slightly reduce bad breath?
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How many months should you go before changing your toothbrush?
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Which dental tool would be better suited in the hands of your dentist than your own?
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Name the tool that humans' ancestors used so frequently, it left signs on fossilized teeth.
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Which dental tool boasts a range of electronic options for consumers?
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