Quiz: Describe Your Dream Guy and We'll Give You a Celebrity Boyfriend
Describe Your Dream Guy and We'll Give You a Celebrity Boyfriend
By: Khadija Leon
Image: HowStuffWorks

About This Quiz

Many of us have been in relationships, but never with a celebrity. We listen to their songs playing on the radio, we watch them on television playing sports, and we even pay to see them on the big screen, and while most of them are admired for their talents, some people also praise them for their looks.

When looking for a significant other, many of us have a list of criteria that this person must meet, and whether it is having a successful job, a particular eye color, body type or height minimum, we all have our preferences. 

We also look for various personality traits, like having a sense of humor, being confident and loyal, and while many of us may never find that perfect man, there are people out there who have come very close. 

What if you could build (describe) your perfect man? What kind of features and personality traits would you give him? Well if you design him, we will let you know which of the many hot celebrities you'll have as a boyfriend. Will he be a singer, actor, Youtube sensation or a talented athlete? Only one way to find out, and that's by taking this quiz!

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