Describe Your Perfect BBQ and We'll Tell You Which Nascar Driver You Are

Tori Highley

How many people would you invite over for your barbecue?

How do you prepare the table for the spread of food?

Where are y'all eating?

Which day is your favorite for a barbecue?

What do you have out for snacking before serving dinner?

What kind of potato salad are you serving?

Which kid-friendly beverage are you serving?

What kind of bread is your meat going to be served with?

How are you cooking your meat?

Which meat are you preparing for this barbecue?

What is your secondary meat?

Which adult beverage are you serving your guests?

What are you doing while waiting for the food to cook?

How are you flavoring your meat?

What kind of plates are you eating off of?

What kind of greens have to be on your table?

Which grilled vegetable are you serving?

Which beans are you serving?

Which is your favorite coleslaw for sharing?

What kind of pie does your best friend bring?

Which fruit do you have to have on your plate?

Which side are you going back for seconds?

How long does it take for your meat to cook?

Which fruit salad do you want your neighbors to bring?

Which dessert are you serving?

Who is doing the dishes?

What kind of music do you have playing in the background?

What game are y'all watching?

What are you making with the leftovers?

When do your guests leave?

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About This Quiz

Nothing makes for a better afternoon than NASCAR and barbecue. Take this quiz to discover which NASCAR driver you could be mistaken for at a barbecue joint.

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