Design a Dream Home and We’ll Guess Which HGTV Star You Are

Jennifer Post

In your head, what color do you envision for the outside of your dream home?

Do you prefer floor-to-ceiling windows or normal-sized windows?

Are you going with vinyl siding, cedar shakes, stucco or wood?

Where would you put a fireplace?

What material will the floors in the kitchen be?

Is your dream home equipped with smart home technology?

What's the dream location for your dream home?

Out of the master-bedroom windows, what do you hope to see?

Will you have a color scheme that carries throughout the whole house?

Will you keep houseplants in mind when placing furniture?

How high do you want the ceilings in your dream home?

In the design phase, how many closets will you have in each room?

What kind of security system will you have?

How many people will your dining room table need to seat?

Thinking of basics, how many floors is your dream home?

In the kitchen, will you have an island?

Will you have a built-in oven or stove/oven combination?

What material do you want your countertops to be?

Backyards can be an oasis. What is an essential part of your dream backyard?

Would you rather have a big space to sit in your backyard or a big space for kids to play?

Will you have a guest bedroom in your dream home?

What do you want out of your garage?

Do you need a bathroom in every bedroom?

If your dream home has a basement, will you finish it?

Will you have a man-cave or a she-shed?

In the guest bathroom, will there be a shower, tub or both?

Now, in the master bedroom, are two sinks necessary?

Is there one special thing you've always imagined your dream home having?

Do you prefer wallpaper to paint on the walls?

Where will you shop for most of your furniture?

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Image: HGTV

About This Quiz

Remember the days when HGTV was basically just "House Hunters" and a few random gardening shows? Those days seem like forever ago, as now there are hundreds of shows on HGTV, ranging from building homes from the ground up, to searching for new homes or improving the home someone already lives in. Depending on what projects you're looking to do, or the personality of host you connect with, there's no shortage of choices for you at any given time. 

Maybe you've a super fan and have gone so far as to dress as your favorite HGTV star for Halloween! That's dedication right there, but it's fair to say that the hosts of the shows these days are super relatable to a lot of people; there's something (or someone) for everyone. The channel launched on December 1, 1994 and was originally called the Home, Lawn and Garden Channel. The name has since been changed and shortened, but the channel still emphasizes shows on all those topics. 

Having a show on HGTV has led to other opportunities for its stars such as books, home-decor lines, cookbooks and even online or brick-and-mortar retail stores. Whatever you like, there's an HGTV star for you. Take this quiz and we'll guess which HGTV star you are!

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