Quiz: Design a Home and We'll Give You A Country You Should Move To
Design a Home and We'll Give You A Country You Should Move To
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Ivan Hunter/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Everyone knows just what they would put in a fabulous dream home of their very own! From the floors to the ceilings to the number of rooms, everyone has an idea or three. Whether you already know what color palette you would choose or you know how many lanes you want your in-home bowling alley to have, you are the type who has big plans for the home of your dreams.  

Have you ever wondered what those tastes say about the country you belong in? If you've got the eye for and tastes of a specific place, you might want to go there and see it. If they do things the way that you like, you will most likely love it in that country. With a world full of things to see, you would probably love to explore a place that has your dream aesthetic. After all, in this country, they would get what you're going for and what you would want your space to be. They have already been doing it for centuries!

If you are a design fanatic with your dream home practically on paper already, design your dream home and find out what country you should go to with this aesthetically pleasing quiz! 

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What kind of houseplants appeal to you?

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What color is the outside of your dream home?

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What exterior material do you prefer?

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How big is your ideal home?

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Where would you rather your dream home be?

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What kind of chairs do you prefer?

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Which color would you want your front door to be?

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Which home feature would you rather have?

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If you had to do a whole room in only one color, which would you choose?

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Would you ever opt for cutesy home decor?

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Which material do you like best?

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What kind of light fixtures do you prefer?

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What would you be more likely to have posters of in your home?

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Your dream home would have what kind of tiles in the bathroom?

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What kind of carpet would you prefer?

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Which would you rather have in your home?

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Which extra room would you rather have in your house?

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What type of art would you rather have in your home?

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Would you ever use hot pink in your home decor?

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Which aesthetic appeals to you more?

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Where would neutrals play a role in your home decor?

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What word do you want to describe your home's look?

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You want furniture made from which material?

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What kind of bathtub would you prefer?

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Which door alternative do you prefer?

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Which interior design element do you like best?

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How important is letting in natural light to you in your home design?

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