Quiz: Design a House and We’ll Guess How Adult You Are
Design a House and We’ll Guess How Adult You Are
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Witthaya Prasongsin/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

When you get to the point in life where you're designing your own house, it's a special moment. There are so many things to think about: flooring, countertops, window treatments, layout, and much more.

Even within those categories, there's even more options! Hardwood, tile, granite, quartz ... the list is seemingly endless! The choices you make might reflect where you're at in life. If this is your first home, you might not make the most practical or efficient choices just out of sheer excitement. If you're a seasoned pro -- as in you've designed a house before -- your choices will be well-researched and the design is likely to be thought out.

The end result, no matter what stage of life you're in, will be beautiful because it will be true to you. Even if you don't have it all together yet, your house can still be as adult as you want it to be. Whether you enjoy spending your nights cuddled on the couch with your pet or your significant other or you're entertaining with dinner parties, having the home of your dreams will make the experience even better.

Want us to guess how adult you are? Design a house by picking the pieces that appeal to you the most, and we'll tell you!

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Let's get down to basics. What color will you paint the walls?

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It's time to pick a stove for the kitchen. How many burners do you need?

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What style of house are you designing?

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How many bedrooms do you need/want?

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If you use a lot of technology, you'll need plenty of outlets. How many in each room?

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Will you install ceiling fans for some air circulation?

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How many cars will you need your garage to fit?

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Do you care what material the cabinets in your kitchen are made of?

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What kind of window treatments will you have?

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How many designers will you consult for advice?

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