Design a House and We'll Guess If You're an Actual Adult or Not

Kennita Leon

Where do you want this house to be located?

How big will you house be?

Howe many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

What piece of furniture are you putting in your foyer?

What will people see as soon as they're done removing their shoes?

Let's talk about your living room. How big will the TV be?

What kind of seating will you have?

Are you a fan on the open concept movement?

How many people should be able to fit at the dining table?

Do you have a style of table that you're partial to?

And what about the chandelier above the table?

About that chef's kitchen of yours, how dark (or light) will you go with the cabinets?

What material will you use for the counter tops?

Which of these would you splurge on for your kitchen?

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. What size bed will you have?

Will you need lots of storage for your things?

What's the number one must-have for the bedroom?

Let's get to the bathroom. Do you prefer a shower or tub?

What kind of lighting is going in your bathrom?

What'll be the most special thing in your bathroom?

What color will the interior of the house be?

How will you decorate the walls?

Let's take it outside. What style will the house be in?

How many floors will your house have?

What material will your roof be made from?

Do you need a garage?

Which of these colors will dominate your landscaping?

If you had to choose one water feature, which would you go with?

Water wouldn't be right without fire. Which fire element will you add to the outside?

Which of these should complete the outside space?

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Image: Xuanyu Han/Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Designing a home is not easy, but it sure can be fun, especially if you've got an eye for what looks good (and lots of patience). But we aren't here today to quiz you on what household trends are in at the moment. Instead, we want you to take full control and design your dream home. This includes choosing finishes for the kitchen, seating for the dining room, water features for the garden and even roofing for the exterior of the house. 

We also want you to choose some seating for the living room and tell us whether you're more of a shower or tub person. And of course we'll want to know other things like where the house will be, how big you're going and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you're adding. Tell us all your design plans so that we can tell you whether you're an adult or not. 

Will your answers be so tech-oriented that we'll label you a Gen Z? Will your all-about-comfort home lead us to think you're an aged adult? The only way to really find out what we think you are is to design this house for us. 

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