Design a House and We'll Guess Your Age

Haiden Steingass

How many stories will the house be?

How much land will the house be on?

What kind of area do you want to live in?

How many bedrooms with the house have?

How many bathrooms will it have?

Which extra room would you want to have?

What color will the walls be in the kitchen?

Where will the storage area be?

What feature does the basement have to have?

What will go in the backyard?

What will the den be used for?

Which room must have tall ceilings?

Which feature do you have to have in the kitchen?

What kind of bathrooms will you have upstairs?

Which floor will the laundry room be on?

Will there be a fireplace?

Which amenity do you need?

What type of siding do you want?

Which type of flooring will be in the kitchen?

Which type of flooring will be in the majority of bedrooms?

What color will your roof be?

Which ceiling style do you like?

What type of front door will you have?

What feature does the master bedroom have to have?

What will go in the backyard?

What color will the front door be?

What color will the garage door be?

What color will the appliances be in the kitchen?

What will the color scheme be in the living room?

What part of the U.S. will the house be located in?

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About This Quiz

Do you dream of being like Chip and Joanna Gaines from "Fixer Upper?" Maybe you would love to be just like Hillary and David from "Love It Or List It." Whoever your spirit animal is, designing a home is as fun as it gets.

However, everyone has different taste, especially depending on what age you are. If you're young, you may be more adventurous with color, but you may not care as much about the detail that goes into the trim around your flooring. If you are a bit older and more experienced with home design, you might love decor that is more neutral and timeless. Whatever your taste is, we want to know exactly how you would put together a home, from wall colors to kitchen features and ceiling types. 

According to Decor Aid, 2019 will bring some fresh new home design trends like floral, velvet, and copper accents. We can say goodbye to the "technology focused" living areas and say hello to something a bit more simple and classic. However, the way you design is all up to you. Are you right on trend, or do you have your own taste in decor? It's your chance to design a home, and we'll guess your age.

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