Quiz: Design a House and We'll Give You a UK City to Live In
Design a House and We'll Give You a UK City to Live In
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The United Kingdom fills up the island of Great Britain, as well as portions of the other British Isles. It's a beautiful country with a temperate climate that is never extremely hot and (contrary to myth) never extremely cold. It has lovely little villages and hamlets where everyone knows their neighbors and the most exciting event on the calendar is when the bluebell woods really go nuts in May and create a natural phenomenon. 

It also has super cosmopolitan cities where you can enjoy every cuisine under the sun, see theater for next to nothing or a huge fortune, and revel in a thousand diverse cultures all living in harmonious chaos. It also has market towns that are a mix of both, where you'll know your neighbors but also be able to do your shopping without getting in a car.

If any of these appeals to you, all we need to point you in the right direction is to know what sort of house you like. The United Kingdom isn't just stately homes and cute little cottages, despite what Julian Fellowes and Richard Curtis might have you believe. 

So whatever you dream of, tell us, and we'll let you know where you're most likely to find not just the lifestyle that suits you best, but the house that you dream of inhabiting!

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