Design a House and We'll Guess Your Name

Zoe Samuel

Location is key: what is the neighborhood like?

How many bedrooms are there?

What is the house made of?

What is the biggest room?

Besides a powder room, what is the smallest room?

Where will the dog sleep?

What is the most surprising feature of the house?

Who will clean the house?

How is the house heated?

Where does it get its electricity?

What's the square footage?

What shape are the windows?

Who will live in it with you?

What climate will you live in?

What sort of architecture do you want for the outside?

Will the inside match the outside?

What will the floors be like?

How about the window treatments?

Will anyone be able to see the house?

What sort of security does it have?

What is the entrance like?

How about the stairs?

Where will you eat?

Is the house well set up for entertaining?

What's the lighting situation?

How sustainable is the house?

What snazzy tech does it have?

If you wanted to go see a play in a big theater - which is thus probably in a big city - how far would you have to travel?

What piece of the house is most vulnerable to breaking?

What would it take to destroy the house?

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About This Quiz

Your house is the biggest decision you'll ever make - and while your name was also a huge decision for you, it wasn't one that you got to make yourself. However, the concept of "nominative determinism" says that your name does indeed affect your life outcome. 

It's not as simple as becoming a gardener or a roofer because your last name is Gardiner or Thatcher. It's more a case of people's names guiding them in certain directions, whether consciously or not. That is, if you want your child to become a doctor, you should seriously consider calling them "Doctor" (and after all, even if they never finish their MD or Ph.D., at least they'll always be able to get a date).

If your name can affect what job you might want, then clearly it might also affect what house you might want. If your name is that of a Bond villain, perhaps you'll be drawn toward hollowed-out volcanoes or secret lairs. If your name sounds like a sorceress or fairy princess, you might think you belong in a beautiful Disney-style palace.

If your name makes you sound like the cute old lady from a Richard Curtis movie, then perhaps a cottage in the country will suit you. If you have an ordinary name, maybe you want an ordinary house. Let's find out!

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