Design a Superhero Costume and We'll Give You an Arch Nemesis

Lauren Lubas

Does your costume have a cape?

What is the most prominent color on your uniform?

How tight is your costume?

What magical powers does your costume have?

Which of these is on your utility belt?

What kind of footwear are you using?

What emblem is on your costume?

Does your costume cover your entire body?

What material is used to make your costume.

Do you carry a shield?

Which weapon are you carrying?

If your suit was splashed with acid, what would happen.

How heavy is your suit?

What are the accent colors of your costume?

How do you clean your suit?

Who made your costume?

What is your range of motion in your costume?

Which of these features does your costume have?

Does your suit have a helmet?

Do you have a mask?

How do you put your suit on?

What is on your hands?

Is the area around your crotch a different color than the rest of your suit?

What area does your costume enhance the most?

When you put your costume on, does your hair change?

Are you going to use this suit to hide your identity?

What kind of technology is used to make your suit?

What is your costume's main weakness?

Does your suit have autonomous features?

Is your costume created with a sidekick in mind?

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About This Quiz

We're going to miss The Avengers when they're gone, and we only have one movie left to say goodbye. We've already had to say goodbye to too many of them. For a franchise that was 11 years in the making, there were a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of great memories over the last decade. Many of us grew up with these superheros, and now, it's hard to see them go. However, we do have the opportunity to keep the fun, action, and excitement of superhero life alive by creating our own superhero... one that we can be. 

However, if you really want to be a superhero, you need two things. First, you need the costume. A superhero's costume tells a lot about what they do, what their attributes are, and who they are. The second thing you need as a superhero is an arch nemesis. This is the villain that you are constantly battling. Somehow, this villain is behind all of your troubles and issues. Your arch nemesis is generally your complete opposite. They will torture you, terrorize your territory, and kidnap your loved ones. 

If you don't know where to start when it comes to understanding your arch nemesis, design the perfect super hero costume for you, and we'll tell you who your arch nemesis is.

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