Design an Outfit and We'll Guess What Color Dominates Your Wardrobe

Khadija Leon

How much money do you spend on clothing every month?

Where do you usually go shopping?

Which of these online stores do you visit often?

How large is your wardrobe?

Where are you planning on going to with this outfit?

Do you want people to notice your outfit?

How would you describe your style?

Which decade inspired your look?

Which of these patterns do you like to wear?

What kind of top would you wear?

If you were to wear a pair of jeans, what kind would it be?

What kind of underwear will you be wearing underneath?

How do you feel about jumpsuits?

If you were to wear a dress, what kind of dress would it be?

What kind of belts do you like to wear?

Which of these types of outerwear will you use to keep warm?

What kind of accessories do you add to every look?

What kind of earrings do you usually wear?

What kind of accessory would you wear on your hand?

Do your nails complement your outfits?

What kind of shoes do you usually wear?

Do you wear socks with your outfits?

What kind of sunglasses will accompany the look?

If you were to wear a hat, which of these would it be?

What kind of bag do you usually use?

If you could own one designer item, what brand would it be from?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Do you usually wear makeup?

What color are your eyes?

Which of these fashion capitals would you like to visit?

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Image: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / DigitalVision / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

About This Quiz

When it comes to our style and the clothing that we wear, there are always one or two colors that look amazing on us. Whenever we go shopping, we seem to be drawn to those few shades. We all have favorite colors, but that doesn't mean your favorite color is the one that dominates your wardrobe. In fact, there are some people whose favorite colors do not complement their skin tones, so they prefer to accessorize with it rather than getting outfits in it.

There is no sure way of telling what color is most prominent in a person's wardrobe (unless you see them every day), and some people tend to stick with color families rather than individual colors, but most people usually go with white, black, blue, red, yellow, purple, and grey.

Can this quiz correctly guess which color dominates your wardrobe? Well if you would like to find out which one it is, or if you just want to design an outfit, this is the quiz that you need to take. Let's find out which of these colors it is together!

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