Quiz: Design an Outfit and We'll Give You a Hair Color to Try!
Design an Outfit and We'll Give You a Hair Color to Try!
By: Tori Highley
Image: Collage; Bright Auburn, Rainbow hair, Coffee Brown

About This Quiz

With an endless array of stunning hair color out there, it can be impossible to decide which one would be the best for you! If you’re on the shy side and you don’t like to stand out, a bold green and purple balayage might sound fun, but would it really work for you? On the flipside, no extroverted life of the party type would ever be found sporting a normal hair color! Not only do you need a color that perfectly matches your personality, but it also has to match your life and your everyday sense of style.

How do you make it easier? That’s why we’re here! By getting to the heart of your inner fashionista and seeing the way you would design your perfect outfit, we’ll be able to guide you to a color that matches you inside and out! How will we do it? Well, let’s pause and think about your shoes for a minute. Would a fire engine red redhead wear those, or would they run screaming and barefoot to the nearest Payless? Would a platinum blonde wear those, or would they disassemble them and turn them into stilettos? The rest of your outfit’s choices will surely give you away, so start designing!

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