Quiz: Design Your Dream Apartment and We'll Describe Your Style in One Word!
Design Your Dream Apartment and We'll Describe Your Style in One Word!
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Would your dream apartment have an oceanside view, or would it open up to a balcony floating over a city street? Design the apartment of your dreams, and we'll be able to pick up on your sense of style! Do you have a flair for the industrial, or do rustic, wooden beams speak more loudly to you? No matter what materials or decorations you choose for your apartment, we are sure it will sum you up in ways you've never considered.

Imagine being able to design your very own apartment before moving in. Shopping for apartments is one of the most tedious tasks in the world: an apartment might seem spacious or quiet when you first view it, but sometimes living there is an entirely different experience. By designing your own place, you'll be able to make things perfect for yourself! From the fabrics on your couch to a bathroom you would never want to leave, a dream apartment is waiting for you to put it all together. 

Throughout the quiz, we'll ask you to assemble your apartment from the ground up! You will make every single choice about your new living space. Once completed, we'll tell you which design style suits you best! Let's get building!

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