Quiz: Design Your Dream Disney Castle and We'll Tell You What State You Should Move To
Design Your Dream Disney Castle and We'll Tell You What State You Should Move To
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Who doesn't want to live in a castle? Well, obviously, if you're sensible, you don't. Castles are really hard work. They're leaky, they always have a draft, the electricity bill is astronomical, and the heating bill is simply galactic. The neighbors always resent you, the gardens require endless upkeep, and you can end up being forced to host the Queen and her extensive retinue for weeks at a time! 

You need an army of staff, which costs money and requires time to manage. On top of that, a lot of castles have deplorable plumbing situations, meaning they're inevitably as uncomfortable to live in as they are beautiful to look at. Yep, castles suck.

However, this quiz isn't about real life castles. This is about Disney castles. They're the ones that either magically maintain themselves, or are kept functional by a team of incredibly dedicated mice who don't require a salary. Some of them are made out of ice, but they're still perfectly comfortable to live in and not at risk from climate change. 

Truly, Disney castles are the place to be - and the one you dream about living in tells us where you might find your real-life castle or at least something like it. Let's find out!

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