Quiz: Design Your Dream Home and We'll Tell You Which State You Should Live In
Design Your Dream Home and We'll Tell You Which State You Should Live In
By: Zoe Samuel
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Whether you dwell on it often or not, everyone has an ideal home that they would like to build or at least renovate. For some of us, it is a modest little stone cottage with a thatched roof, looking out over a lovely wooded area. For others, it is a giant sprawling palace in the sky, a triplex apartment at the top of one of the most expensive skyscrapers in one of the densest and most exciting cities in the nation. 

Others (especially those with supervillainous inclinations) would prefer a desert hideaway complete with armed guards, a piranha pool, a table that turns over to reveal a 3D model of Silicon Valley, and a helipad disguised as a gnarly thicket of cacti. There's no limit on the budget in your imagination, after all, so you can have whatever features you like.

Of course, not all of these homes could exist just anywhere. Indeed, it would be difficult to put the cottage in a very hot place, or the villain's lair in the middle of downtown Manhattan. Still, figuring it out might help you decide where you can get the next-closest thing to your dream home, and instead get your mitts on your forever home. Click on through and let's find out where you should start looking!

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