Design Your Dream Partner and We'll Guess When You'll Find Them

Jennifer Post

How important is it that your future partner fit in with your family?

When it comes to compatibility, what's the number one most important thing?

Would you want your future love to show affection through verbal or non-verbal communications?

Does your dream partner have a certain type of job?

Is it important to you that your future partner care about sustainability in clothing?

Which eye color can you picture yourself staring into for the rest of your life?

In your perfect world, does your partner have a close relationship with their parents?

Does your dream partner hold your purse for you while you try on clothes during a shopping trip?

Does your dream partner always pay when you two go out to eat?

Is your dream partner out of your league?

How would you gauge maturity in your future life partner?

Does your dream involve wanting kids?

Do you want your partner to have cool skills to pass on to your future children?

Which non-physical trait must your partner have?

In your dream world, does your partner compliment you regularly?

Is hair color something you have a certain preference with?

Do you want to be able to steal your partner's clothes and feel comfy and cozy?

What's one word that your dream partner can absolutely never say?

How many of your partner requirements would you sacrifice if you really liked someone?

Are there any other facial features that appear in your dreams about a future partner?

How many dogs must your dream mate want at any given time?

Do you care what kind of car your dreamboat drives?

Where is the perfect place for you and your dream-come-to-life partner to live?

Do they love anything more than they love you?

When you think about special occasions with your dream partner, what gifts are they giving you?

You'll probably be in the car a lot with this person. What type of music do they have to like?

Sometimes, things need some handiwork. Is your dream partner good at that kind of thing?

This is really important. How does your perfect partner take their coffee?

When your partner is feeling stressed, how do you want them to handle it?

Your absolute perfect partner is full of romantic surprises. Which one do you want them to do the most?

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About This Quiz

Finding love is no easy task, especially these days when people meet online or through dating apps. Meeting a potential partner requires leaving your house more often than just going to work or Starbucks, so unless you're meeting your dreamboat there, you're going to have to branch out a little bit. It can also be hard if you have a strict checklist of everything you want your potential life partner to be and have. It's great to have standards and know what you like, but make sure to leave a little room for frivolity and surprise, too.

But, since we're giving you the chance to design your dream partner down to the color of their eyes, you should definitely take it. When else is it really acceptable to put out there that your dream guy or gal is a certain height with a certain build and hair color, nice teeth, strong jaw, etc. and have no one judge you? The best part is, once you've done your part of stitching together your absolute perfect mate, you get immediate results of where you'll meet them. Use that as inspiration to get out more! Do it now in this quiz!

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