Quiz: Design Your Ideal First Apartment and We'll Tell You Which Big City You Belong In
Design Your Ideal First Apartment and We'll Tell You Which Big City You Belong In
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Moving into an apartment involves a lot of decisions, from size to flooring to amenities. Applying can be complicated, and it is so much worse if you have pets. Remembering to check that the apartment has everything you need can leave you feeling full of regrets when you realize your new place doesn't have an internet connection. However, getting a home of your own that suits your needs is definitely worth the whole process. 

But where should you live? Each city has its quirks and charms that can make or break its homey feel for you. Luckily, how you live in your apartment will reveal which big city will make you feel right at home. If you don't cook very much, you need a city that has tons of takeout options. If you love outdoor activities, you'll want to live somewhere with a mild climate. There are so many factors to finding the perfect city to call home, and our quiz considers it all as you design your perfect apartment. 

If you are wondering where your heart will be at ease, we can help! With 30 easy questions designing the apartment of your dreams, our quiz will tell you which city you should call home.

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