Design Your Retro Home and We'll Guess Which Brady Bunch Character You Are

Ian Fortey

You want to decorate from the ground up, right? What's on the floor?

Take a look at the biggest, emptiest wall in the place. What would make it look perfect?

You need somewhere to sit in a retro home. Where are you kicking back?

What kind of lighting is really going to set off that retro living room?

Some people need to relax in a tub at the end of a long day. What tub are we looking for?

Does your bedroom have a theme?

We need some throw rugs in this joint. Pick a style!

Retro upholstery shames modern upholstery! In what are you decking out a living room?

What's going to make a retro coffee table shine?

Rug, sofa, curtains. Three surfaces, three different patterns. Go!

Any little stylish elements you want in your living room to make it homey?

A proper retro kitchen needs to be eye-catching. What's your main color?

Everyone knows a refrigerator from the '70s at a glance. Which retro fridge color matches your style?

In the present, we might use our phones to tell the time, but a retro home needs a retro clock. Which one works best?

Do you have the perfect retro bed picked out?

You need art to seal the deal. What's going to go with everything else you've picked out?

Brass sculptures are key for a retro look. But a brass what?

If you have a big vase in the corner, what's going in it?

What should be the focal point of the living room?

Is there a particular art style that you'd want to see in your house?

How would you get back to nature while staying in your house?

The '70s made real strides in open-plan living. What design choices are you leaning into that fit that mold?

Everyone likes a little extra space to get a specific task done. What are you adding to your home?

Do you have an overarching architectural style in mind?

Metal accents were big back in the day. What metal is making itself known in your home?

Which pattern is likely to show up the most throughout the house?

Even if you never actually use it or don't even know how to use it, you need a retro phone. What kind is best?

You need your sink, toilet, and tub to match, right? What's the best bathroom color?

What's going on in the basement?

Don't forget the outside of the house! What retro landscaping choice is right up your alley?

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About This Quiz

Every decade has its own sense of style that will go in and out and then back into fashion again. Style is very cyclical like that. They used to call the '70s the decade that style forgot, but now a lot of people are really appreciating the funky and eclectic colors, weird materials and over-the-top patterns that came out of that decade. And, let's be honest, we can thank the Brady Bunch for a lot of that. A couple of generations of us grew up seeing that house week in and week out and now it's just burned in our memories as the paradigm of retro-cool. That iconic staircase, the stacked stone chimney (which was actually made out of Styrofoam), that orange and brown kitchen with the super green chairs. It's perfect!

If you want to live in "The Brady Bunch" house in the present day, why not? A few design choices and you'll be halfway there. Whether you have a thing for those shag carpets, for avocado green, for breakfast nooks or recessed seating, now's your chance to design the perfect retro home! Unleash your inner Brady Bunch character and we'll even tell you who it is based on nothing but your design ideas. Take the quiz and see!

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