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What city serves as the backdrop for the show?

"Designing Women" tells the story of four interior designers living in Atlanta, Georgia.


What year did "Designing Women "premiere?

"Designing Women" hit the airwaves Sept. 29, 1986, and ran until 1993.


How many seasons did the show run?

The show had 163 episodes and numerous major cast changes over its seven season run.


Which woman on the show has a maid named Consuela?

The often mentioned but never seen Consuela is Suzanne's maid and drags her on plenty of crazy adventures.


Which character is known as "The Terminator?"

Thanks to her sassy personality and passionate speeches, Julia Sugarbaker is also known as The Terminator.


What is the name of Julia's long-term love interest?

Julia and Reese Watson share many years as a couple before Reese dies suddenly during season five.


What is the name o f Julia's son?

Julia's son Payne graduates from Vanderbilt University, marries Sylvie and moves to New York over the course of the show.


Which woman on the show is a former beauty queen?

Suzanne won 11 pageant titles, including the coveted Miss Georgia World.


How many husbands does Suzanne have over the course of the show?

Suzanne has three husbands over the seven seasons of "Designing Women," including Dash, Jack and J. Benton Stonecipher.


What is the name of Suzanne's pet pig?

The gregarious Suzanne has a pet pig name Noel — until the pig runs away, never to be found again.


Who played the role of Suzanne?

Delta Burke played Suzanne Sugarbaker for five seasons before quitting the show, when her character moved to Japan.


What is the name of the office manager at the Sugarbaker design firm?

Charlene Frazier plays the sweet, naive office manager on the show.


What is the name of Charlene's daughter?

After many failed romances, Charlene marries Col. Bill Stillfield and has a daughter named Olivia.


What is the name of Mary Jo's cheating ex?

Mary Jo and Tom have two kids, Quinton and Claudia, before she leaves him because of his cheating ways.


What is Anthony's job when he first appears on the show?

Anthony Bouvier is the only male lead on the show and starts off as a delivery man before becoming a partner in the firm.


What is the name of Julia and Suzanne's mother?

Perky Sugarbaker moves to Japan, leaving her daughters to care for her zany friend Bernice Clifton.


Who plays the role of Bernice?

Alice Ghostley guest starred as Bernice on 45 episodes of "Designing Women."


Who takes over the firm when Suzanne heads off to Japan?

Allison Sugarbaker takes over the firm and Suzanne's house after Suzanne leaves Atlanta.


Who played the role of Julia Sugarbaker?

Dixie Carter played Julia Sugarbaker on 163 episodes of "Designing Women."


Who starred as Mary Jo Shively on the show?

Annie Potts played Mary Jo on 163 episodes of the show.


How many Emmy awards did the show win?

"Designing Women" won just one Emmy award during its seven seasons, in 1988 for hairstyling.


Who gets her head stuck in a banister at the governor's mansion?

In a classic "Designing Women" moment, Julia gets her head stuck in a banister just before the governor's ball.


Who dresses as Consuela to take a citizenship test?

The ever-loyal Anthony dresses as Consuela (after Suzanne pays him) to take a citizenship test in her place.


What is the name of the girl Julia takes care of after Reese dies?

Julia becomes a surrogate mother-of-sorts for Randa Oliver after Reese dies suddenly.


Who replaces Charlene when she leaves Sugarbaker's?

Charlene's little sister Carlene takes on the role of office manager when big sis leaves the firm.


Which character attempts to have a child via artificial insemination?

After deciding that two children isn’t enough, Mary Jo considers artificial means of becoming a mother again in season six.


Who invests in the firm after Allison pulls her money out?

B.J. Poteet joins the "Designing Women" cast to help Sugarbaker's survive after Allison leaves the firm.


Which character gets married during a trip to Las Vegas?

Anthony marries showgirl Etienne during a trip to Las Vegas.


What movie is parodied during the final episode of the series?

The women all picture the grand staircase at Tara from "Gone With the Wind" during a design project in the final episode.


Which character starred in the spinoff "Women of the House"?

Delta Burke took on the role of Suzanne Sugarbaker once again for the 1995 reboot "Women of the House."


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