Quiz: Did Bible Study Pay Off? Find Out With the World's Hardest Bible Quiz!
Did Bible Study Pay Off? Find Out With the World's Hardest Bible Quiz!
By: John Miller
Image: FlatWater FlatEarth

About This Quiz

In the beginning, there was only darkness. Then, God hit the light switch and illuminated the universe — and galaxies suddenly sprawled across the heavens. But God was just getting started. Then, He set about on one exhausting act of creation after another, making the Earth and everything on it. In this epic quiz, how much do you really know about the stories and parables of the Christian Bible?

As the world unfurled, readers get a sense of what the Garden of Eden was like. It was a perfect place, with the first human, Adam, wandering its lushness, filled with the wonders of God’s creation. Then, a woman joined Adam, and once Eve and her man put their heads together, they came up with some pretty dumb ideas … and humanity’s innocence was lost forever. What do you know about the events of The Fall and how it impacted future generations?

From Noah to Moses, in the the New Testament and the Old, the Bible is filled with stories that not only serve a moral purpose, but also present God’s plan for His followers. Do you understand the basic premise for the arrival of Jesus Christ? And do you know what will happen during the Second Coming? Stay tuned to this quiz to find out!

Maybe you think you understand the good Samaritan and the seven plagues of Egypt. And perhaps you remember how Joseph earned the ire of his brothers. But there’s only one way to find out — take this miraculous Bible quiz now and see if you’ll ascend into to Heaven, or whether you’ll spend eternity as Satan’s special friend!

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