Direct Your Own Broadway Show and We'll Reveal Which Broadway Character You Were Destined To Play!

Zoe Samuel

During auditions, how do you greet actors?

Do you often cast the same people again and again?

How punctual is your rehearsal room?

One of your actors is being a diva. How do you handle it?

One of your actors seems out of sorts. How do you handle it?

The investors are coming to the rehearsal. How do you manage that?

What do you do to prepare performers for a difficult scene, such as an assault or a killing?

What do you wear in rehearsals?

How thoroughly do you understand the budget?

Is there any job on the production that you couldn't do?

How heavily do you count on the rehearsal stage manager?

Do you keep the rehearsal stage manager for the production, or switch?

How do you convey a visual idea to a designer?

After rehearsals, what do you do in the evenings?

Do you ever give an actor a line reading (when you say the line for them to get them to say it right)?

What's one thing you would immediately fire someone for?

Have you ever gone behind someone's back to their agent?

Do you discuss your process publicly while it's ongoing, for example on social media?

Do you prefer comedy, tragedy, or something else?

If you're developing a new piece and the writer is in the room, how do you handle it when a line clearly isn't working?

If you're doing a revival, what steps do you take to honor previous productions without plagiarizing?

Do you like to be on a show from its inception, through all the readings, retreats, workshops, and out-of-town tryouts, or do you just like the Broadway part?

If an actor was giving an amazing effort but clearly feeling nothing on the inside, how would you feel about that?

During tech week, how many meltdowns will you have?

Who will you invite to the invited dress (the dress rehearsal where friends of the show get to see it)?

During previews, something just isn't working. How do you buck up your cast?

Your leading lady sprains her ankle on opening night. The understudy is sick. What do you do?

What do you wear to opening?

How do you handle a bad review that comes in at the afterparty?

Your show is a mega-hit and you're going to be getting those sweet, sweet royalties forever! What's the first totally indulgent thing you buy?

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About This Quiz

Directing a show is one of the hardest jobs in show business. You have to unify the vision of multiple people to best express the writer's story to its fullest potential. You have to be able to synthesize a coherent whole from the ideas of the writer, who, if you're directing a musical, would typically be two or three people, as well as the choreographer, plus lighting, sound, set, costume, hair and makeup, and other designers. You have to be able to communicate with all of these stakeholders without going over budget and upsetting your producer. Then, of course, you have to be able to get your actors to pull it off.

Among all of these people, there may be hard workers, people with opposing opinions, a diva or two, and someone who gets sick at just the wrong moment. Hovering above it all, you'll probably have a dozen or more investors who your producer may not be able to keep out of your way. Then there are producers themselves, who are under the stress of knowing that a flop might mean they never get to do this again.

How do you handle personality clashes? How do you run your rehearsal room? How much support do you need? Are you a carrot or stick director? What methods do you employ with actors? Can you talk budgets intelligently? How do you layer your designers' visions into yours? What does your way of finessing all this tell us about you, and most importantly, about who you'd like to be, or at least play? Let's find out.

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