Discover Your Greek Goddess Name!

Zoe Samuel

Are you a good manager?

Are you a morning person?

Are you good at seeing the big picture?

Where are you most comfortable?

Do people look to you for good ideas?

Are you good at picking yourself up when you fall?

Are you a good judge of right and wrong?

Do you put people at ease?

Are you admired?

How illustrious are your parents?

Do people turn to you as an authority?

Are you a good host?

How wise are you?

How comfortable are you with a reboot?

Where do you work?

Where do you live?

How accurate are your Oscar picks?

Are you a good party host?

Do people find it easy to understand you when you're on your game?

What time do you get up in the morning?

Are you seen as honest?

Are you seen as desirable as a partner?

Who or what is your enemy?

Who is your friend?

How many braids do you like to have your hair in on a normal day?

How many people do you like to have around when relaxing?

Are you athletic?

Do you get bored easily?

What are you afraid of?

Which Greek god would hang out with?

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About This Quiz

The Ancient Greek gods and goddesses were not deities in the way we see the modern monotheistic God today. They were immortals of great power but subject to the same petty jealousies, rivalries, ambitious, weaknesses and strengths as us mere humans. 

They could be kind, benevolent, and protective of those they loved or who gave them sacrifices and other tributes. They could also be vengeful and cruel beyond human imagining. The whole spectrum of human emotion and behavior could be found among them, writ large and far more powerful.

That means, of course, that no matter what your personality, there's a Greek goddess with whom you might find you have a great deal in common. Perhaps you're most like the mighty Athena, who prizes logic and reason. Perhaps you are constantly reinventing yourself and unafraid of change, like Eos. 

Maybe you are a righteous soul who loves nothing more than to see justice done, but who understands the problems inherent in bringing it to fruition, like Themis. Or maybe you are a homebody like Hestia, who loves hearth and home above all and likes to spend her time in a domestic setting surrounded by family. Tell us about you, and we'll tell you which of these goddesses you are most like!

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