Discover Your TRUE Zodiac Sign Based Solely on Your Taste in Men


How do you feel about men with facial hair?

Do you think a man should pay for your date?

What physical feature catches your eye first?

Does size matter?

Do you prefer tall men?

Would you go out with a bald guy?

Which zodiac sign would you never date?

Do you like it when men hold doors for you?

How do you feel when you see a man cry?

Have you ever asked a man out?

Which reality show was your last relationship most like?

Which of these male singers do you think is most intelligent?

Do you prefer a man be more dominant or submissive in bed?

Would it bother you to date a man smaller than you?

What personality trait do you like most in men?

How handy do you like a man to be?

What age do you think men look most attractive?

Could you marry a man that snores?

How would you feel if a man brought you flowers?

Do you like manly men?

What would immediately turn you off if you saw a man doing it?

Which kind of man sounds most appealing?

Which actor do you find most attractive?

Do you like creative guys?

Could you date a man with opposite political views?

Would you date a man without a job?

Where would you rather a man take you on a first date?

What kind of shoes do you think are most attractive on a man?

What talent would you admire most?

Which word describes your most recent ex?

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About This Quiz

Sure, you've been told that you are a certain zodiac sign based on your date of birth, but are you sure you are really what you've always been told you are? We're going to use your tastes in men to figure out if you've been told the wrong thing your whole life! Tell us what you find attractive and what makes you want to run quickly away, and we'll let you know the zodiac sign you were really meant to be! 

As we find out what kind of man turns your crank, we're going to need to know the details of your last relationship, your lifestyle, and a little about your personality. Once we feel that we know you better than your last roommate, it should be fairly easy to tell which of the zodiac signs you share the most in common with. Try to answer our nosy, silly, and pointed questions the best you can with the responses that you feel are truest to you, and your real zodiac sign will come bubbling to the surface.

Think about all the dreamy qualities you see in men every day and tell us what you really like. We'll take it from there. Are you ready to know once and for all? Let's go!

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