Quiz: Discover Your TRUE Zodiac Sign Based Solely on Your Taste in Men
Discover Your TRUE Zodiac Sign Based Solely on Your Taste in Men
By: Teresa
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Sure, you've been told that you are a certain zodiac sign based on your date of birth, but are you sure you are really what you've always been told you are? We're going to use your tastes in men to figure out if you've been told the wrong thing your whole life! Tell us what you find attractive and what makes you want to run quickly away, and we'll let you know the zodiac sign you were really meant to be! 

As we find out what kind of man turns your crank, we're going to need to know the details of your last relationship, your lifestyle, and a little about your personality. Once we feel that we know you better than your last roommate, it should be fairly easy to tell which of the zodiac signs you share the most in common with. Try to answer our nosy, silly, and pointed questions the best you can with the responses that you feel are truest to you, and your real zodiac sign will come bubbling to the surface.

Think about all the dreamy qualities you see in men every day and tell us what you really like. We'll take it from there. Are you ready to know once and for all? Let's go!

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