Do I Love Her?

Ian Fortey

If you just stopped talking to your girl, how long are you able to go without feeling the urge to talk to her again?

How many movies have you sat through that you kind of hated because she wanted to watch them?

Have you actually told her you love her?

Would you move across the country with her if she got a great job opportunity somewhere?

Who controls the remote when you guys are watching TV?

Do you like her friends?

Do your friends like her?

How much time do you spend with her family?

Would you ever consider owning a pet with her?

Have you ever cried over your relationship?

If you see her talking to someone else who seems pretty attractive, are you OK with it?

Have you ever cheated on her?

Has she ever cheated on you?

Do you think the two of you are going to be together in 10 years?

How often do the two of you get into arguments?

Does thinking about her make you happy?

When's the last time you bought her a gift for no reason?

Is she a good kisser?

What are your thoughts on monogamy?

If she came to you and said she wanted to see other people while she's still in a relationship with you, how would you react?

Would you get her name tattooed on you?

Do you know her birthday?

How's the physical part of your relationship?

When you go out together, are you feeling proud that she's by your side?

What is it about her that first attracted you?

Do you guys go out together a lot?

Has there ever been an occasion when you dressed alike?

If you're planning on seeing a movie tonight but she's not feeling well, what are you going to do?

Do the two of you ever cook meals together?

Where would be an ideal vacation destination for the two of you?

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About This Quiz

One of the most common thoughts that will run through your head as you're developing feelings for another person is, "How do you know if you're in love?" People ask it all the time and there's a good chance if you haven't asked that question of someone yourself, you've asked someone else. It's a very tricky thing, especially the first time. There's no guide book to explain it, no light that turns on when it happens to let you know without a doubt you're in love. It's confusing.

Fact is that people and relationships are super complex. A person can be great 90% of the time but then awful to you 10% of the time. Can you still love them if they do bad things? Should you? It's very hard to figure out, and it makes us feel like our own feelings are betraying us sometimes. Luckily, people have been dealing with this for as long as we've had feelings to process, so there are ways you can figure it out. If you're not sure if you love the special girl in your life right now, maybe you just need a few minutes to ponder it over. Look at things from a different perspective and maybe it'll all come clear. So come on, answer a few questions and let's see how you feel.

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