Quiz: Do These Words Actually Rhyme?
Do These Words Actually Rhyme?
By: Sameena K. Mughal
Image: Elisaveta Ivanova / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

We have fun when we rhyme. The rhymes we create or listen to can have a beat and a flow that anyone can tap their feet to. Some rhymes are a part of a unique story that's memorable. Rhymes are fun ways to learn more words, too!

What makes rhyming so fun? Putting words together that flow in a creative way gives us a break from the mundane conversations we have on a regular basis. It's interesting to pair words together that you don't normally think of. Conceal and repeal. Quake and stake. The list goes on and on.

The best writers, rappers and poets can come up with rhymes that make us see words in ways we hadn't thought of before.  Their lively rhymes divert our brains and entertain us.

Here's your chance to test your vocabulary and your rhyming skills at the same time. Choose between two or three words and tell us if they rhyme. Discover words that you never thought did rhyme but actually do. Find words that you would think rhyme but actually don't. You will be reminded just how many exceptions there are to every spelling rule. Take this quiz and rediscover how much fun words can actually be!

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