Do They Want a Relationship With You?

Raj Chander

We all know texting is the new language of love. How often do you text with them?

How often do they take the initiative to arrange plans for the two of you?

Humor is a great sign of compatibility. How often do they laugh at your jokes?

When you're hanging out with them, how often do they touch you?

We usually only open up to the people we are serious about. How much have they told you about their personal issues?

Getting homes involved takes things to the next level. What's the longest you've spent at their place?

The involvement of parents is also a good sign they're interested. Do you know their parents?

If they talk about the future, you guys may have one. Do they tell you about their plans and ideas?

Are you guys strictly on a first-name basis, or do you have pet names?

One easy way to find out if they're into you is just to ask. Have you ever talked about being in a relationship with them?

Have you shared a lot of information about your family with them?

Our friends influence a lot of our relationship decisions. What do your friends say about them?

Social media is more important than we might like to admit for modern relationship building. Are you guys friends/followers online?

Do you guys have the same interests in television shows?

When you guys are hanging out, what's their usual dress code?

Have you ever cooked together?

What are you guys typically doing when you spend time together?

We all know about the prevalence of Netflix and chill. How often do you watch movies together?

Do you ever leave things at their place?

Material gifts are a part of any relationship. Do you guys ever exchange gifts?

Have you guys ever gone on an extended trip together?

Relationships take time to develop. How long have you guys known each other?

When you guys are in person together, what's the vibe like?

It's an important element of long-term compatibility—how much do you guys align on religion?

Hand-to-hand connection is an important element of any relationship. How often do you guys hold hands?

Music is the rhythm of life. How compatible are you guys when it comes to musical preferences?

When it comes to picking up the check, things have changed a lot over the years. Who usually pays when you are out?

You need someone who can make you smile. Do they make you laugh?

How many relationships has the person you're seeing been in before?

The things we wear say a lot about us. Do they ask you for input on their outfits and clothing?

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About This Quiz

The process of dating and forming relationships has changed quite dramatically over time. In early human civilizations in places like ancient Greece, India and China, dating was essentially non-existent, since parents (and sometimes males) decided on marriages without any input from women.

As things progressed a bit more and society became less oppressive toward some of its citizens, new methods of courtship developed. In the medieval era, men used traditional tokens like flowers, poetry and other gestures of generosity to win affection from fair maidens. This was the era responsible for what most people today think about when they hear the word "courtship."

But as most of us know, dating in the modern era is a wildly different animal. In the era of ghosting, social media stalking and ambiguous text messages, it can be really challenging to understand whether or not you are building a potential future with someone or just having a fun fling. Everyone has experienced that awkward phase of wondering just how into them their partner is.

If you find yourself in that situation currently, don't fret—we can help! All you have to do is finish the questions in this quiz and we can predict whether you'll end up in a serious relationship with the object of your affection. 

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