Do Ya Feel Lucky with "Dirty Harry" Trivia, Punk?

R. White

What is Harry's gun of choice?

Harry notes it could blow a head clean off. He mentions the gun when he delivers his famous line abut being lucky.

How is Harry Callahan known for approaching his police work?

The "Dirty Harry" movies are credited with starting an entire genre of police films around officers that don't play by the rules.

What crime is being committed at the bank after Harry stops for breakfast?

Harry asks Jaffe to call the police for a 2-1-1 in progress. Harry only gets one bite and is still chewing on his way to the bank.

When Inspector Harry Callahan first asks the question, "Do ya feel lucky...?" what is the criminal's response?

Harry pulls the trigger and there are no bullets left. The criminal comments, "Son of a bitch."

True or false: Harry's wife died in a car crash with a drunk driver.

Harry divulges this to his partner's wife when she asks how his wife can stand his career with the police. The doctor who treats him makes a subtle faux pas when he makes a comment about it.

Who is assigned as Harry's new partner?

Gonzalez is not welcomed by Harry who wants to work alone. Chico later decides he may not return to the force.

What question gets a different answer throughout the film?

Harry's partner asks this and finds several possibilities: "He always gets the ****-end of the stick," "...he hates everyone," and he takes "every job that comes along". There is never a definitive answer.

Harry is able to prevent a jumper from committing suicide. How does he do it?

Harry makes him feel like he wants to puke. The jumper gets mad and attacks Harry, who then grabs him and takes him to safety.

A 10-year-old shooting victim is found. Chico feels sick and steps aside. What does Harry comment?

This is another one of Scorpio's victims. It foreshadows young victims when Scorpio later hijacks a school bus.

Harry chases a possible suspect (Scorpio) down an alley and into an apartment. Who does it turn out to be?

Some of the locals spot Harry standing on trash cans to look into a window. They try to rough him up because they think he's a peeping Tom watching Mary.

How many sequels followed "Dirty Harry?"

"Magnum Force" (1973), "The Enforcer" (1976), "Sudden Impact" (1983), and "The Dead Pool" (1988). "Dirty Harry" was the 4th collaboration between director Don Siegel and Eastwood.

In addition to his gun and the money, what does Harry take to meet Scorpio with?

He tapes it to his leg. Harry's superior says, "It's disgusting that a police officer should know how to use a weapon like that."

Harry has a wire put on him before he drops off a bag with the ransom. What does he say to test it?

Harry is warned that reception will be lost in tunnels. Gonzalez is able to tail Callahan and save his life.

Scorpio gives directions to Harry on a payphone. What does he NOT tell him?

On one of the calls, Harry has to push a man aside so he can answer it in time. He answers calls at four different phone booths.

A doctor who treats Scorpio's leg wound recognizes him. What does he share with Harry?

Callahan climbs a fence to check out the stadium and grounds. He finds Scorpio's living quarters.

Harry's new partner asks if he needs any help with Scorpio at the football stadium. What does Callahan reply?

Fatso is a nickname Callahan has for his temporary partner, Frank DiGiorgio. The partner won't climb the fence because he says he had "too much linguine."

Before Scorpio knocks off the liquor store, what does he pretend to purchase?

He uses the bottle on the counter to knock out the clerk. He then takes the gun and some cash.

For what does Scorpio pay $200?

Scorpio stages his own pummeling and claims Harry beat him up. The chief warns Harry to stay away from Scorpio.

Harry shoots Scorpio in the shoulder when the killer takes one final hostage. Who is it?

Cahallan chases Scorpio through a crushed rock company. Scorpio grabs a boy fishing and threatens to blow his brains out if Callahan doesn't drop the gun.

What is the final line in the movie?

Harry repeats the line he used earlier, asking Scorpio if he counted the gunshots and did he feel lucky. Scorpio reaches for the gun but is shot and killed.

What critic said, "If there aren't mentalities like Dirty Harry's at loose in the land, then the movie is irrelevant."

Ebert also gives acclaim to Eastwood as possessing the most "potent star presence." This film was a change for Eastwood, who was known for western genre movies.

What is Harry's badge number?

At the end of the film, Harry throws his badge into the river. He knows it will be revoked for his insubordination.

Scorpio is released from police custody because his rights were violated. What does Harry say about the law?

The district attorney is angry with Harry for not following the rules. He tells Harry he is lucky he is not arresting him on assault charges.

Chico is shot while trying to save Harry from Scorpio. What injury does Harry suffer?

The boss is not happy, since Callahan did not follow orders in allowing his partner to follow him. Chico was supposed to be off duty.

Which quote does Harry NOT say?

Harry comments about getting rich and being a delivery boy when taking the ransom money. He is not concerned about Scorpio's rights when it is realized he cannot be charged.

What is Scorpio wearing when he encounters Harry at The Cross?

Scorpio makes him toss his gun and face the cross. Callahan is beaten before Gonzalez fires shots to distract the killer.

Which celebrity was set to star as Dirty Harry?

Others who who considered for the role included Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and Robert Mitchum. Director William Friedkin claimed Sinatra prepared for the role for six months before pulling out.

What is the number of the school bus Scorpio hijacks?

Scorpio hops on and tell the bus driver to just drive or he'll decorate the bus with her brains. She later tells him the way he treats the children is not right.

What inspector number is Harry?

Inspectors can mean different things, depending on the police department. Harry's inspector number and badge number are not the same.

What does Harry park in front of that is next to his regular diner?

The diner itself is not named. It advertises hot dogs and burgers.

When Scorpio kidnaps a 14-year-old girl, which item does he NOT send to the police to confirm he has her?

Scorpio wants $200,000 as ransom, but Harry thinks she is already dead. Harry is designated as the "bag man" to drop off the money.

What does the opening shot of the film address?

Names and dates are listed beginning with 1878-1970. San Francisco is the setting for the movie.

The sniper, Scorpio, is foiled on a rooftop by a hovering police helicopter. Who was his target?

Scorpio tracks two men, and is about to shoot one of them when the police tell him to stop. He is able to escape.

What is the first song the kidnapped children on the bus sing?

Scorpio tries to lighten the mood by leading the children on a sing-along. He starts hitting them when they start asking where they are going.

After Scorpio is released from custody, Harry tails him. What is the name of the topless bar to which he goes?

Scorpio is aware Harry is watching his every move. He uses that to his advantage when accusing Harry of harassment.

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