Quiz: Do You Actually Understand the Slang That Kids Are Using These Days?
Do You Actually Understand the Slang That Kids Are Using These Days?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Think you are a master of modern slang? Social media, pop culture and more have shaped modern slang into something wholly different from the slang terms of generations past. Every decade there is a new group of young people who dominate culture with their tastes, phrases and more. Social media and the rise of memes have really brought a whole generation together in a new way, creating new inside jokes for all kids to share. They spread rapidly, changing almost as fast as they appear. Unless you are in the loop, keeping track of it all can be very confusing. 

On top of verbal slang, there is also texting and internet shorthand to keep up with. If you aren't an avid texter, it can seem difficult to tell all of the many popular acronyms apart. 

The younger set throughout the last hundred years or so has always created new slang to distinguish themselves from those who came before them. It's really nothing new, but it always feels so drastic and strange when whole new words are added to the conversation, or old words are taken and changed.  

If you are hip and know what the kids are into, put your modern slang skills to the test with this quiz! 

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