Quiz: Do You Belong in America or Europe?
Do You Belong in America or Europe?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You can tell where someone is from not just because of the way they speak, but also because of the way they act. Traditionally, Americans are more open with their feelings, their thoughts and just about everything under the sun, while their neighbors across the Atlantic, the Europeans, tend to be more passionate but also incredibly well-mannered and extremely traditional. So where do you think you belong? 

Are you all-American? Is there absolutely no question that you were made to be in the US of A? Or are you mostly American but you long for Europe? Maybe it's the other way around, that you belong in Europe but you want to visit the United States. Or did we have it wrong all along? Do you belong in Europe? 

We really want to tell you where you belong. Why? Because you really want to know! Right? So, if you're okay with answering a few questions and telling us about yourself, then go ahead and get started on this quiz. Will the result be something that you've been feeling all along? Or will you be shaken to your core with a truth you would have never guessed? Take this quiz and let's find out! 

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