Do You Belong in 1776, 1876 or 1976?

Zoe Samuel

How's your breathing?

What is your moral stance on food?

How do you feel about a strong federal government?

Do you feel the people should choose the candidates in elections?

How are you at DIY?

How's your vision?

Do you know how to use an abacus?

Can you shoe a horse?

Can you tell when food is not safe to eat without the aid of a date printed on the packaging?

Can you drive a stick?

How do you feel about ethics in manufacturing?

Are you much for investing?

What do you need to navigate?

What's your orientation?

What do you worry about when you travel?

How's your spelling?

Are you any good at tying knots?

What do you need to start a fire?

What sport or game are you good at?

How outspoken are you about your political views?

How strong is your stomach?

With what animal's welfare can you be trusted?

How is your penmanship?

Which of these best describes your ethnicity?

How good are you at committing things to memory?

What sort of music can't you live without?

How able are you to stand by while others act unjustly?

How quickly can you pick up new slang?

How do you feel about roommates?

How do you feel about the draft?

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Image: Bruce Rolff/Stocktrek Images/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Imagine you have a time machine. When would you want to go? We romanticize the past, but then people have always done that, thinking the times in which they live as being some sort of fallen age. We romanticize the 1990s. In the 1990s, people romanticized the 1950s. People in the 1950s no doubt romanticized the 1920s. People in the 1920s may have romanticized the 1890s for all we know. 

If you dream of going back in time to the 1940s, don't forget that polio was still around, as were a lot of tobacco use and prejudices that would see a person ostracized today. The 1870s may have been cool, but the toothbrush and deodorant weren't "things" yet. When we think of other times, we often focus on one or two factors we like, and forget that without our iPhones, how would we kill time on a multi-day transcontinental train journey from New York to San Francisco?

We have come up with a personality test that will measure your tolerances, your preferences, your dreams, your endurance and your flexibility. It will tell us with a high degree of accuracy which era of American history you belong in. Do you want to fire up the time machine? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you when to go!

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