Do You Have a Shot at Being a Police Officer?

Brian Whitney

Do you treat everyone equally?

Would you risk your life to save a stranger?

Do you mind working weekends and nights?

What do you think of guns?

Do you mind lots of time with nothing to do?

Which activity sounds most fun?

Do you get upset when people insult you?

Do you ever get tempted to break the law?

Do you often question authority?

Do you worry about your mortality?

Where would you most likely hang out?

What are you most likely doing on a Friday night?

Are you in a relationship?

Who would you be on the King's court?

Do you like facial hair?

Where do you get your news?

How often do you use emojis?

Do you think it's funny when someone slips and falls?

Which of these are you most scared of?

What class sounds most fun to take?

Which of these do you take most photos of?

Can you sleep in a car?

Do you like spicy food?

Do you believe in aliens?

Which parties political views are most like yours?

Who are you most like on Seinfeld?

What mythical figure do you wish exists?

Would you join a frat or a sorority?

Which of these types of movie do you like most?

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone?

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About This Quiz

Not every kind of personality fits well with being a police officer. That's no surprise, as police work in any capacity is one of the most challenging jobs that there is. It takes someone with a combination of numerous different personality traits. First, you need to be the type that wants to stay in shape. You also need to be good at problem-solving, and you have to be able to do that as part of a team.  

A good police officer can also get along with all sorts of different types of people, has a lot of patience and strong leadership skills. And of course, it doesn't hurt if you have a sense of adventure and don't mind a little shot of adrenaline every now and then.

What about you? Do you think you'd make a good police officer? You might be surprised, but some of the people that think they would be awesome at police work don't make the best officers and others who never even considered it are made for the job. Take this quiz, and we'll tell you if you would be a good police officer. And no, this doesn't mean you can start arresting people that bother you if you do well.

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