Quiz: Do You Have Expensive Taste?
Do You Have Expensive Taste?
By: Khadija Leon

About This Quiz

When it comes to taste, to each his own. All of us want different things in life, different clothes, different shoes, different haircuts, different cars, and different places to go on vacation. 

The thing is, though, all of those things cost a different amount of money, and what you wear, what you drive, and where you go really depends on how expensive your tastes are. Everything costs money, so how much do you need to spend to make yourself satisfied? The question is what percent Kardashian are you? 

Are you the kind of or person who is going to buy what is on sale at Target, or go shopping on Rodeo Drive? Are you going to rock some Converse All Stars, or buy a 350 dollar pair of Fluevogs? Would you go to a barber and spend 25 bucks on a haircut, or would you go to a salon and pay 200 bucks? 

Are you all about cheap and reliable transportation or do want something that is built to impress? When you go on vacation this summer is it time for a motel and the local Six Flags, or are you all on your way to Bermuda?  

Take this quiz to find out how expensive your tastes really are.

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