Quiz: Do You Have The Vocabulary Level of a Harvard Grad?
Do You Have The Vocabulary Level of a Harvard Grad?
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

English is a complex combination of influences. Practically every language on Earth has influenced English on some level. Before 1150, Greek, French, and Latin were dominant influences. While those languages never lost their stronghold on English vocabulary, English has evolved to include more words from Sanskrit, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Dutch.

Due to its diverse heritage, English also has a seemingly endless supply of synonyms. While you may feel like all these words solely exist so the College Board has material to use on the SATs, that obviously is not the reason. English's malleability and adaptability allow speakers to borrow words from any language during their quest for the perfect word for any given situation. 

English is constantly adding words as older ones fall out of favor. There are also words that only appear in legal documents or are used by people who want to feel smarter than everyone else. You might come across as insufferable if you stuffed every multisyllabic word you know into a sentence. However, it is still fun to learn more complex and unusual words. It adds color to our sentences. 

If you enjoy having fun with language, this quiz is for you! Find out whether you are a vocabulary expert or if you need to read a dictionary! 

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