Quiz: Do You Know All of These Terms a Construction Worker Should Know?
Do You Know All of These Terms a Construction Worker Should Know?
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

You've got yourself a pickup truck, a box full of tools and years of DIY experience -- you're almost ready to start your career in construction. Before you head for the jobsite, however,there's one more thing you need in your arsenal of skills -- a good grasp of construction worker lingo.

If you want to succeed on a modern construction site, whether it's a house, warehouse or major high-rise, you have to make sure you and your co-workers are speaking the same language. That's because miscommunication in construction can be surprisingly costly, both in terms of wasted time and materials and repair and replacement expenses. Even worse, failure to understand basic industry terms can leave you vulnerable to safety issues, including fall hazards, chemicals and heavy equipment. 

While much of the lingo used in construction relates to the trades themselves, you should also familiar yourself with some business terms if you plan to work in this industry. That means knowing what OSHA is, what an RFI or Addendum is, and why you should always be aware of liquidated damages.

Think you can speak the language of the construction world? Take our quiz to see how many of these terms you can identify!

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What is the proper term for 2x4 lumber installed vertically to frame a wall?
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What is the primary purpose of OSHA?
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What are the metal channels called that transport air through a building?
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What is the name used for strips of wood built into walls to hold heavy objects?
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What are I-beams usually made of?
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Egress is another word for...
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Where would you apply spackle?
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Drywall rated for fire-resistance is marked as...
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What terms describes strips of metal used to seal around roof penetrations?
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The term AFF refers to how far you install something from...
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Which of these is grout most commonly used with?
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What is the name of the substance used between layers of brick?
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If you have a question about the blueprints or project specification, you can send one of these to the architect.
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Which of these is not a form of aggregate?
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If a project owner makes an official change to the plans after work has begun, the change is called this.
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Which of these is a tunnel passing through a building?
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In construction speak, this is another word for ground level.
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What does the H in HVAC stand for?
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This horizontal framing member supports the floor in a typical home.
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Roofing materials are measured by the...
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What do you call the top portion of a door frame?
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What is the purpose of a louver?
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What does the M in O&M stand for?
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What is the primary ingredient used to make drywall?
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Which construction trade might deal with pigtails?
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What does OC mean on a set of construction drawings?
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Lumber is measured using this unit.
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