Do You Know Anything About Dinosaurs?


Which continent did dinosaurs live on?

Dinosaurs actually lived on all continents! They even made it to Antartica.

When did dinosaurs die out?

Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. They appeared on the earth about 230 million years ago.

What color were dinosaurs?

Dinosaur colors are mostly unknown, but some are assumed to have been green and brown. This was so they could hide among trees.

Which state is the Stegosaurus State?

Colorado is called the Stegosaurus State because the first Stegosaurus fossil was found in Morrison. Where's the T-Rex state?

Dinosaurs built what?

Dinosaurs built nests for their eggs, like birds do. Dinosaur nests or remnants have been discovered by paleontologists.

What were the first dinosaurs?

The first dinosaurs were meat eaters. Later, they developed into plant eaters and omnivores.

What does the word "dinosaur" mean?

Dinosaur is a Greek word. It means "terrible lizard." It was coined by Richard Owen in 1842.

Who has the largest brain?

Dinosaur brains were actually smaller than a human baby's. Dolphins and whales have the largest brains!

What can be said about dinosaurs that walked on two feet?

In general, dinosaurs that walked on two feet were meat eaters. Those that had four legs were plant eaters.

How long were T-Rex's little front legs?

T-Rex had massive back legs, but his two little front legs were three feet long, about the size of human arms. Kinda creepy, actually.

How long were T-Rex teeth?

T-Rex teeth were actually six to nine inches long. They could not chew, so they would just swallow their food in whole mouthfuls.

What is the name for dinosaurs that ran on two legs?

Bipeds are dinosaurs that ran on two legs. Be thankful you never got chased by one - even though you're a biped as well.

How did dinosaurs reproduce?

Dinosaurs laid eggs. Sometimes the males guarded the eggs.

Which is true about plant-eating dinosaurs?

Plant-eating dinosaurs were herding animals. They traveled in packs for protection.

Many scientists think that _____ are dinosaurs.

Many scientists believe that birds are dinosaurs! That's why they argue that dinosaurs aren't extinct - not all of them, anyway.

The massive Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of what?

The Quetzalcoatlus actually had a wingspan of 39 feet! Those are some pretty massive wings!

Why did the Stegosaurus have plates on its back?

Nobody actually knows why the stegosaurus had plates on its back! Maybe for protection, for attracting mates, for temperature regulation or for something else entirely.

What period did dinosaurs live in?

Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic Era. There were three periods in this era: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Some of the largest dinosaur skulls are what size?

Some dinosaur skulls are so big they're actually the size of a car! They had little "windows" in their skulls to make them lighter.

How much did the biggest plant eaters consumer per day?

The biggest plant eaters actually consumed up to half a ton of food per day. Talk about roughage.

Most dinosaurs were what size?

We assume all dinosaurs were massive, but they were actually human-size, for the most part. We don't find many of their bones because bigger bones are fossilized more easily.

Which is true about the first dinosaurs?

The first dinosaurs, in the Triassic period, were actually quite small. They didn't get really big till the Jurassic period.

What is true about a dinosaur lifespan?

Scientists actually don't know what the typical dinosaur lifespan was. Some think it could have been as long as 200 years!

Which dinosaur had the biggest skull?

Triceratops has the biggest skull. Its skull could grow to more than nine feet long.

Which is bigger?

The blue whale is actually bigger than any dinosaur. It can measure more than 90 feet long.

Did dinosaurs shed their skin?

Researches believe that dinosaurs shed their skin, but they're not certain. This would make them similar to snakes and lizards.

Dinosaurs often swallowed which of these?

Dinosaurs would often swallow large rocks. This would help them to grind up food in their bellies.

Did dinosaurs cause global warming?

Dinosaurs contributed to global warming, thanks to their gas. That would be the plant-eaters, mainly.

Who was faster?

The cheetah could actually run faster than any dinosaur. But some dinosaurs moved faster than others.

How far up could a Brachiosaurus stretch its head?

A Brachiosaurus could actually stretch its head up 39 feet. It was the tallest plant-eater.

How many species of non-avian dinosaurs were there?

There were actually over 1,000 different species of non-avian dinosaurs. There are still dinosaurs that haven't been discovered.

Who studies dinosaurs?

Paleontologists are the scientists that study dinosaurs. They have a pretty cool job.

How many years did dinosaurs rule the Earth?

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 165 million years. Just to put that into perspective: humans have been around for 2 million years.

How big were the largest dinosaur eggs?

The largest dinosaur eggs were the size of a basketball. They had a thick outer shell.

Meat-eating dinosaurs had what sort of bones?

Meat-eating dinosaurs had bones filled with air. That means that their skeletons were rather light, like birds.

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