Quiz: Do You Know Enough About Gun Safety to Not Shoot Yourself in the Foot?
Do You Know Enough About Gun Safety to Not Shoot Yourself in the Foot?
By: John Miller
Image: Fish Cop

About This Quiz

Guns are vital tools for target shooting, hunting and, sometimes, warfare. No matter the purpose, firearms are one of the easiest ways to accidentally hurt yourself or someone else – particularly if you’re inattentive, reckless, or perhaps a little soft in the head. You can easily avoid being marked as an amateur, and prevent a life-altering tragedy, simply by practicing smart gun safety. In this quiz, do you think you know enough about firearms safety to avoid blowing off three of your toes?

There are about 270 million guns in America. And for everyone who has one, gun ownership is a full-time job of sorts. You must always know where your guns are secured, and you need to know where the ammo is, too. Because guns, as fun as they are, can be dangerous. 

In 2015, about 500 Americans died in accidental shootings, and in each of those statistics is a story that shattered families and caused heartbreak. Do you think you really understand your weapons well enough to prevent accidents?

For every unfortunate death, there are countless close calls. Accidental discharge, incorrect ammo, poor targeting habits and substance use all contributed to near disasters.

Draw a (careful) bead on this gun safety quiz now! Recalling these important tips could help you save a life.

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