Quiz: Do You Know Everything There Is to Know About Cigars?
Do You Know Everything There Is to Know About Cigars?
By: Torrance Grey
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Cigars: What other indulgence can claim to have been loved by Communist revolutionaries in the jungle and robber barons in their Manhattan penthouses? This longer, thicker and more expensive cousin to the humble cigarette has origins dating back to Europeans' discovery of the New World, a storied history that includes a Communist revolution, a trade embargo, illicit smuggling and much more. Like coffee and chocolate, cigars are a treat from the equatorial world that many in the northern countries just can't live without. 

There are also a lot of misunderstandings about cigars. Are they so expensive that they're only for the wealthy? Are they healthier than cigarettes, or just as bad? Are they only made in Cuba, and if not, are the ones made outside Cuba any good?

Let's face it: There's just an allure about cigars that cigarettes will never match. Notable cigar smokers include many of America's presidents, top business leaders, and famous entertainers. Kennedy and Castro, mortal enemies otherwise, both loved a good cigar. Winston Churchill liked them so much there's a style of cigar named after him. Entire magazines are devoted to the subject of cigars and how they are best enjoyed. 

Are you a true cigar aficionado? Or just taking your first few puffs of this Latin American indulgence? Whichever the case, light up a Cohiba and take a shot at our quiz!

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