Quiz: Do You Know How Much These Car Parts Cost?
Do You Know How Much These Car Parts Cost?
By: Craig
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

Racers! Start your engines!

Hey, you over there, why won't your engine start? Something's wrong. That's going to cost you! But, do you know how much? Even though you may be a car expert, knowing the price of car parts is a completely different race! Why not take up the challenge and put your overall knowledge to the test.

So, what would an oil filter on a 2007 Saturn Outlook cost? What about a restored Ford Thunderbird from the 1950s? Would you by know how much a fuel tank for one of those classics will set your restoration budget back? Or a catalytic converter for a 2003 Dodge Durango? Finally, how about an engine gasket set for a 1969 Dodge Power Wagon?

Rest assured, this quiz is going to test your knowledge of cars, their parts and prices to the absolute limit. That said, as a car aficionado, there is no doubt that a little bit of thinking can get you off the starting line, tires squealing and into the lead. And you certainly are an aficionado, right?

So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel, turn the key and go, go, go! Aim for the checkered flag; aim for the win. You got this!

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