Do You Know How These Characters Died in The Walking Dead?

Becky Stigall

How was Summer, the little girl in slippers and a bathrobe, killed in season one?

Summer was already a zombie, and Rick was still getting used to things.

Ed, Carol's husband, died during an attack on the camp. How did he die?

Ed was lunch for a group of walkers. Carol made sure he didn't reanimate.

How did Andrea's sister, Amy, die?

Amy was bitten in the neck by a zombie and died from loss of blood. Andrea shot her in the head as she was reanimating.

Jim, a resident of the camp in season one, died in what manner?

Jim was bitten by a zombie and got an infection. The group left him at the side of a road by his own request.

How did Carol's daughter, Sophia, die?

Sophia is attacked by zombies and becomes one herself. The group finally find her in Hershel's barn and put her out of her misery.

Otis died during a run with Shane. How did he die?

Shane shot Otis to save his own skin. Otis was then devoured by zombies.

How did all the barn zombies die in season two?

After the group found out Herscel was keeping zombies in his barn, they all gathered and shot each zombie in the head.

Dale, the lovable, fatherly character and friend to Andrea in seasons one and two, died how?

Dale was ambushed by walkers who disemboweled him. Hershel couldn't save him, and Daryl put him out of his misery.

How did Shane die early in season three?

Rick stabbed Shane in self-defense. Shane would have killed him. It was Carl who killed the zombified Shane.

Franklin was one of the men in the helicopter crash. How did he die?

Franklin actually died in the crash. The Governor prevented him from reanimating.

How did T-Dog die in season three?

T-Dog was bitten when the prison was overrun by walkers. He knew he was going to die, so he sacrificed himself to save Carol.

How did Lori, Rick's wife, die?

Lori was in labor and needed a Caesarean section to save the baby. She died from blood loss from the emergency Caesarean. Carl shot her in the head before she could reanimate.

The hermit in the cabin in season three died how?

The group was trapped in the cabin with the hermit. Michonne stabbed him and fed him to the zombies as a distraction so the group could get away.

Michael Coleman was part of an experiment at Woodbury. How did he die?

Coleman actually died of cancer. He allowed his death to be part of one of Milton's reanimation experiments. Andrea put him out of his misery after he reanimated.

Penny, the Governor's daughter, died how?

Penny was a zombie when she was introduced as a character in season three. Michonne impaled her to both put her out of her misery and to make the Governor suffer.

How did Daryl's brother, Merle, die?

Merle had a change of heart and went against the Governor. The Governor beat him and shot him in the chest. Daryl found his brother after he reanimated and shot him, to put him out of his misery.

Milton, the Governor's right hand, died in what way?

Milton was stabbed by the Governor and left to die in a room with a restrained Andrea. Andrea managed to kill the reanimated Milton, but not before he bit her.

How did Andrea die?

Andrea was bitten by Milton. She killed herself with a gun Rick gave her while Michonne stayed with her for comfort.

Karen and David had the flu in season four. How did they die?

Carol was concerned for the safety of the group, so she killed Karen and David and set them on fire.

Mr. Jacobson had the flu. How did he die?

Mr. Jacobson succumbed to the flu. Glenn stabbed him in the head after he reanimated.

The Governor settled into an apartment with David and his family. How did David die?

David had lung cancer and died in his bed. The Governor put him down after he reanimated.

What happened to Caesar Martinez, an ally of the Governor?

The Governor hit Caesar with a golf club, then dragged him to a pit of zombies. They devoured him, as zombies will.

How did young Megan Chambler die?

Megan was playing and was bitten by a zombie. Her mother, Lilly, carried her to the prison, where the Governor shot her before she could reanimate.

How did Hershel die?

The Governor sliced off Hershel's head with Michonne's sword during an attempted takeover of the prison. Michonne put Hershel's reanimated head to rest.

How did the Governor die?

Michonne stabbed the Governor, but Lilly shot and killed him before he died from his wound.

How did little Mika Samuels die?

Lizzie killed Mika to prove that zombies are people too. Carol prevented Mika from reanimating.

How did Lizzie Samuels die?

Carol shot Lizzie in the head because she knew that Lizzie was dangerous.

How did hostages at Terminus die?

The hostages at Terminus had their throats slit. They were then butchered for food.

How did the Terminus butchers die?

Rick overpowered the butchers and stabbed them in the neck. The group left the butchers to turn.

How did Beth die?

Beth was shot in the head while trying to kill Dawn with a pair of scissors.

What caused Tyreese's death?

Tyreese was bitten and Michonne attempted to save him by cutting off his arm. He died from blood loss, and Michonne prevented him from reanimating.

How did Buttons, the horse, die?

Buttons was attacked by zombies. Aaron put him down out of mercy.

Abraham died in what manner?

Negan killed Abraham with his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat, Lucille, in retaliation for the group's attack on the Saviors.

What was the cause of Glenn's death?

Negan used Lucille, his bat, to kill Glenn, in retaliation for Daryl's attempted assault on him.

How did Sasha lose her life?

Sasha took a cyanide capsule in an attempt to turn into a zombie and kill Negan. The group found her and put her out of her misery.

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