Quiz: Do You Know How These Smaller Countries Sided in WWII?
Do You Know How These Smaller Countries Sided in WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Jones W A (Sgt), Royal Air Force official photographer

About This Quiz

When human nature takes a turn for the worst, it looks a lot like the Axis. In the late 1930s, conquest was the name of the game for Germany, Japan and Italy, as they succumbed to fanatical leaders who were obsessed with seizing land and resources no matter the price in human lives. The Allies rose to oppose the fanaticism – and the lines of the Second World War were drawn. Do you know which countries joined which side during this apocalyptic conflict?

Everyone knows the major players of the war. The Axis, led by Adolf Hitler and his mad dreams of racial superiority, spared no expense in men and machines in its conquest of Western Europe and North Africa. France, Britain, and other Allied nations banded together to stop them. Do you know which other nations joined the fight on the side of both good ... and evil?

America dodged the war for as long as possible. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, though, flung the U.S. into the violence. Do you know which countries used the attack on Hawaii as reasoning to declare war on the Axis?

By the time the gunpowder and bombs were gone, nearly every country in the world was a participant in World War II. Let’s see if you can name which side these nations joined during WWII!

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