Quiz: Do You Know More About the Bible Than the Average American?
Do You Know More About the Bible Than the Average American?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: bauhaus1000/DigitalVision Vectors/gettyimages

About This Quiz

The Bible has had untold influence on the world and is the holy book of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, but that doesn't mean that most people know its ins and outs. The Bible is complex, dense, lengthy, and full of countless characters and events. Both the New and Old Testaments have their complexities, which can make getting started on reading them seem overwhelming. For this reason, even many people who consider themselves Christian or Catholic have not gotten around to tackling their holy book yet. 

Due to the Bible's influence, you don't necessarily have to have read it to know something about it. Its themes can be seen throughout literature, film, and art over and over again. Whether you have ever been to church personally or not, there is a good chance you know a little bit at least about Jesus Christ. The average American might struggle to go much deeper than generalities, though. 

If you are on good terms with the man upstairs or think you have a better handle on the stories of the Bible than the average American, put your knowledge of Christendom's holy books to the test with this very biblical HowStuffWorks quiz.   

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