Do You Know the Synonyms of These Words?

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Which word is a synonym of huge?

If something is huge, it is also enormous. Other great synonyms for huge include: vast, large and giant.

Which word means the same as help?

If you were to sabotage, resist or deter a situation, you would not be helping. If you were to assist, you would be helping to make the situation better.

Which word is the antonym of opportunity?

If you have an opportunity, you also have a chance, a prospect and a different option for the future. Facing a disadvantage is the opposite of having an opportunity.

Which word is a synonym for destiny?

Both your destiny and your fate await you after this quiz. Try not to have the misfortune of those who have come before you.

Which word also means cold?

You seem very friendly and warm to us. If you were to present yourself as cold, we would let you know you're being a little chilly.

Which word is a synonym for incredible?

You are incredible and you are amazing. We are not just saying that. You are far above average and you'll never be mediocre.

Which word also means fly?

If you are flying, you are also soaring. While floating sounds similar to flying, you cannot really float on air unless you are helium.

Which word also means important?

When something is important, it takes priority. It does not come second, and it takes a pressing spot on the list of things to do.

Which word is not a synonym for moody?

When you are moody, your emotions are changeable, you might be sulky, or you might be touchy. However, you will not be considered stable when you are moody.

Which word also means show?

If you are showing something off, you are putting it on display for the whole world to see. You are not concealing, hiding or masking the thing you want others to see.

Which word means observe?

When you take a deeper look at something, you are observing it. If you were to ignore, hide or pretend like you didn't see anything, you wouldn't be observing it at all.

Which word does not mean quiet?

When you are being raucous at a party, you are not being quiet. It is only when you are still, mute or calm that you could be considered quiet.

Which word is a synonym for strange?

We do not encourage normal, average or usual thinking around here. We encourage you to be peculiar.

Which word does not mean use?

When we use something, we employ, expend or utilize it. We do not save it for later.

Which word also means hate?

When you hate something, you also abhor it. Although it has been said that love cannot come without hate, we abhor that idea.

Which word does not mean dull?

When things are dull, they are often unimaginative, tiring or out right boring. Dull is the exact opposite of our very vibrant quiz.

Which word is a synonym for fair?

Our court systems are designed to be fair and just. They do not practice dishonesty, bias or prejudiced lawmaking.

Which word also means gash?

If something is seamed, sealed or stitched, it does not have a gash. A gash is more commonly, and less dramatically, known as a cut.

Which word is a synonym for delicious?

There's nothing more scrumptious or delicious than a bowl of macaroni and cheese. It's never bland, tasteless, or gross!

Which word does not mean the same as bad?

When milk spoils, it smells bad enough to be considered evil, spoiled or wicked. You might not like average milk, but it takes the cake over an expired jug.

Which word also means bright?

The brightest stars in the sky are not flat, dull or subdued. They are so radiant, you can see them here on earth.

Which word is a synonym for crooked?

If something is straight, erect and upright, it is not crooked. Something that is crooked is zigzagged or curved.

Which word is a synonym for energetic?

When you are energetic, you have a little pep in your step. Being energetic does not involve being sluggish, slow or feeling drained.

Which word is an antonym for trouble?

If you have having a misfortune, a conflict or a concern, you might be in trouble. When everything is moving along with ease, you are trouble-free.

Which word also means ugly?

During Halloween, all the hideous and ugly masks hit the shelves. It wouldn't be the same holiday if everything were plain, beautiful or pleasant.

Which word also means place?

If something is in the right place, it is in the correct spot. Though place can mean many things, it usually refers to location.

Which word also means neat?

While some of us are capable of keeping tidy desks, many around the office are messy, cluttered and unorganized. We know your desk is neat and clean.

Which word also means old?

We refer to old civilizations as being ancient. It's not only a matter of respect, they are not recent, current or fresh on the human scene.

Which word also means part?

If you want your part of the pie, you had better rush to get your portion. While it might be tempting, you cannot eat the whole pie!

Which word is a synonym for popular?

In our culture, popular actors and musicians are celebrated. It's hard to worship them if they are unfavorable, unknown or too uncommon.

Which word means the same as great?

When you are great, you are far from normal, average or mediocre. If you are great, you are beyond grand. You are in the realm of the distinguished.

Which word is a synonym for happy?

When you are happy, you are filled with joy. When you are confused, troubled or upset, it's a little hard to be happy.

Which word also means plan?

When you are busy planning to take over the universe, you are making a plot that will affect all of humanity. You can improve until you've completed it, but you'll need to execute the action during the next step.

Which word is a synonym for false?

No one cares for false or spurious news. News should be true, proven and full of facts.

Which word also means angry?

There's no need to get angry or engaged. Forget about your sadness, stay calm and chill out before you take another quiz.

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About This Quiz

OK, word nerds. Now is your chance to prove the very thing you brag about and annoy your friends with. During this synonyms quiz, we are going to put your knowledge of words to the test. Out of 35 words that we present to you and ask you to pair up with their synonyms, how many do you think you'll get right? 

While we aren't going to make this quiz too easy, we promise to make it interesting. Figuring out how many words you can match with a synonym is not only good for your ego, it's good for your brain. Even if you cannot match all the words to their synonyms, we think that you will surprise yourself! 

As we question our way through this quiz, we will ask you about a word. Then, you will have four options and the chance to choose the correct synonym. We encourage you to be brave, courageous and full of internal fortitude as you carefully choose the synonym, or the occasional antonym, you think pairs with the word we've asked you about. 

Do you know your words as well as you think you do? After you identify these synonyms, you will know for sure!

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