Quiz: Do You Know the 35 Hardest Plurals in the English Language?
Do You Know the 35 Hardest Plurals in the English Language?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a grammar expert? Does the misuse of plurals on the internet drive you nuts? If you think you know more than the average Joe about the plural forms of common, and some uncommon, words, take this quiz to prove your knowledge.

The easiest way to make a word plural is to add an "s." But that doesn't work for every word. Some other rules of plurals include adding an "es" to words that end in "x," "ch," "s,: or an "s-like" sound; add an "ies" and drop the "y" for a word that ends in "y;" and add a "ves" and drop the "f" or the "fe" for words that end in "f" or "fe." But some words don't play by the rules. For instance, if the plural forms of potato and tomato are tomatoes and potatoes, then why isn't the plural of the word memo "memoes" (it's memos)? And some words don't have plural forms at all. For instance, the plural of moose is moose, the plural of fish is fish, and the plural of deer is deer. If you're not confused, then this might just be the quiz for you.

Let's find out how much you really know about irregular plurals.

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