Quiz: Do You Know The Biggest Moments In Canadian History?
Do You Know The Biggest Moments In Canadian History?
By: Bambi Turner
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Canada may sit just to the north of the United States, but it has a rich history all its own. From Aboriginals and First Nations, to European explorers forging through the harsh environment, to modern cities and settlements, Canadian history is equal parts turmoil and triumph. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the people, places and moments that make up the history of Canada.

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What was John Hudson looking for when he discovered the bay that bears his name?
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When did Canada strike its first domestic coin?
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Who was Canada's first prime minister?
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What was the name of explorer John Cabot's ship?
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What does kanata mean in the Iroquoian language?
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Which country established the first European settlement in Canada?
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What did the Hudson's Bay Company specialize in?
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What was Canada's population in the 1660 census?
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When was the famous Montreal Peace Treaty between the French and the Indians signed?
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What city was home to Canada's first newspaper?
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Fort Rouille sat on the site of this modern city.
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What two countries fought in the Seven Years' War?
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France gave up its mainland Canadian territories in the Treaty of Paris.
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What year was Canada divided in half thanks to The Constitutional Act?
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What was Toronto known as before 1834?
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What was featured on Canada's first stamp in 1851?
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What city was chosen as Canada's capital in 1857?
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How many provinces did Canada have when it became a Dominion in 1867?
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Canada took part in World War I.
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Canadian women won the right to vote before U.S. women.
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What year was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force established?
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What document officially gave Canada its independence from England?
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Canada avoided participation in World War II.
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How many Canadians died in World War II?
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What year did Canada select its iconic red and white flag?
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What year did "Oh, Canada" get its English lyrics?
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Canada has two official languages.
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What year did the Canadian Constitution Act go into affect?
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What does Nunavut mean in the Iroquois language?
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What is the population of Canada as of the 2006 Census?
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