Quiz: Do You Know the British Words For All of These Common Items?
Do You Know the British Words For All of These Common Items?
By: Becky
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Are you a fan of the way the Brits talk? Do you watch enough British television to consider yourself an expert on British terminology? Then this quiz is for you. Try your hand at correctly identifying these 35 common items that Brits have different names for.

We're not entirely certain where many of the names that the Brits use to identify common items came from, but we do know that we here in the States tend to be a bit out of the loop in regard to what these common items are called. Of course, it stands to reason that, because the British virtually settled the world, many other nations would use the same terms as the Brits do to refer to these things. But, we wonder, if the Brits settled our country too, and they did, why don't we use the same terms? We're just going to assume that we here in the US prefer to be different ... yeah, that's the ticket ... we don't use the metric system, and we don't use words such as lorry to refer to a bus, football to refer to soccer and nappies to refer to diapers.

How many of these 35 British words for common items can you identify?

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