Quiz: Do You Know the Correct Names for These Pieces of Furniture?
Do You Know the Correct Names for These Pieces of Furniture?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Burak Karademir/Moment/Getty Images/

About This Quiz

Furniture has been used for a lot longer than you think. Prehistoric man used natural objects such as rocks, tree stumps and mossy patches as tables, seating and beds, respectively. Since then, we've evolved from living in caves to tiny stick shacks to wooden houses, and now to the condos and mansions we live in today - filled with the best and fanciest of furniture, of course. 

But do you know the names of some of the things you use every day? Sure, you know what they feel like and what their functions are supposed to be, but do you actually know their names? Could you identify a  fainting couch, divan, lowboy, credenza and hutch if we showed you pictures of them? 

We're going to test exactly that today by showing you a series of pictures. Your job is to tell us what they are. Simple enough, right? Well, we're even going to give you hints as to what they are, in case you happen to get stuck. 

So, if you want to prove your furniture prowess, this is the quiz for you. By the end, we'll know if you've got what it takes to be an interior designer, or if you're not even fit to help someone pick out a table at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

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