Quiz: Do You Know the Correct Spelling of These North American Cities?
Do You Know the Correct Spelling of These North American Cities?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

Wait - wasn't there supposed to be an extra "t" at the end of that!?

This can be a common question for someone who obsesses over spelling words correctly. There's always the "what if" that leaves you pondering longer than you probably should. Of course, you could pull out your smartphone and look it up in a snap, but there's no fun in that. Instead, you think and think until it comes to you, and when you check to see if it's correct, it is. Then, you're happy you spent those extra hours after school reading everything that you could get your hands on from the local library.

Maybe, that's you! If it is, then here is a quiz that will truly put your spelling abilities to the test. In this quiz, you'll find various ways of spelling some of the most complicated cities across North America. Even former spelling bee champions will struggle to get more than 30 questions correct. Once you're finished, you'll wish that "e" had been an "i."

If you are an excellent speller and up for the spelling challenge of a lifetime, take this quiz and prove to yourself and everyone else that you're a spelling master!

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