Quiz: Do You Know the Differences: Ford vs Chevy?
Do You Know the Differences: Ford vs Chevy?
By: John Miller
Image: pixabay

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For generations, it’s the debate that’s roiled communities and driven families to physical violence at Thanksgiving dinner. No, it has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats – it’s the Ford versus Chevrolet controversy, a topic that brings out the worst in brand fanatics. Some people swear that only Ford makes solid vehicles, while others insist that cars such as the Mustang are junk compared to Chevy icons like the Nova. 

Burn rubber in this car quiz now – do you really know the difference between Ford and Chevy?

One of these companies is an all-American icon. The other was founded in part by a Swedish engineer. One virtually invented the concept of high-speed automobile manufacturing – the other followed suit. Do you really know the history of Ford and Chevy?

When Henry Ford started making cars, he struck gold with early models. Chevy, on the other hand, needed a few more years before it really gained traction in the car and truck markets. Do you recall the big moments in early Ford and Chevy models?

These days, both companies sell millions of high-quality cars and trucks, some with cutting-edge electric engines, and others with rumbling diesels. Do you know the engines found in the companies’ top sellers?

Buckle up for this Ford and Chevy quiz now! We’ll find out if you’re “Built Tough” or if you’re “Like a Rock”!

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